Laura DouglasHi, my name is Laura Platts (I used to be Laura Douglas), I live in Auckland and I’m a career driven twenty-something-year-old.

For the past few years – after completing a Bachelor of Communications and interning like crazy – I’ve been finding my way as a young woman in the workplace.

I found starting out on the bottom rung of the career ladder to be a little overwhelming. Daunting in fact.

Which lead me to start The Workher. A survival guide for young working women.

From issues to advice and inspiration, The Workher is here to help professionals navigate all things work related.

My career ambition fuelled my love of giving work related advice for young female professionals, particularly those in their first few years of employment. I want to join you on your career journey and to help you make your way through your first few years of work and up that corporate ladder!


If you would like to get in touch, please head over to the Contact page.


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