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DJ Tigerlily 2Have you ever wondered what a life in the music biz would be like? Dara Hayes aka DJ Tigerlily shares what a typical day involves. She DJs some of the major festivals in Australia and abroad – from Stereosonic to Future Music Festival – and has opened for superstars including Avicii.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

7am: Alarm clock goes off after only having 3 hours sleep from my show the night before in Melbourne at the Crown Casino. I’m flying back to Sydney today for a big festival so getting up early is a must to make sure I have enough time to get ready and organise myself before my show! I take a quick shower to wake up and shove all my clothes in my suitcase – ready to go!

7:30am: Pick up from the hotel with my driver. On the way to the airport I jump on all my social media platforms to check what has been happening since last night! I also send out a snap chat to my followers, saying good morning and letting them know what today holds for me. Plus an obligatory *I’m tired and I only got 3 hours sleep* selfie.

8:00am: Arrive at Melbourne airport and head to the Virgin lounge for a much needed breakfast and coffee. The lounge also means free wifi so I jump onto my laptop and send off a few emails and upload a mix tape for my weekly radio show!

9:00am: Time to fly home [to Sydney] – I fly up to 8 times a week so I’m pretty over flying now. I plug in my Bose headphones and sit back and meditate for 30 mins. Flying time is a perfect chance to recollect, reevaluate and meditate. For me, that is the most productive thing I can do when travelling. I also listen to Deepak Chopra for 30 mins, I’m currently listening to a talk about some meta-ideas I.e. The world, belonging, our purpose etc.

10:30am: I’m super lucky as I live close to the airport – Dad picks me up in the car and we head home! Bump into some fans at the airport and make sure I get some funny snap chats with them 🙂

10:45am: I live super close to the beach so I run down the hill and jump in the water for a much needed refresh before the festival today. I find with travelling and flying a lot, you don’t get a chance to get in touch with nature, so if I have a small time window free I make sure that I do this!

11:30am: Time to get ready for the festival! Shower, wash hair, makeup, outfit, iamu tattoos….and I’m ready! I run through my checklist of things that I need to take to the show – headphones, USBs, earplugs, stickers, merch, towel and a change of clothes!

1:00pm: Arrive at the location and settle into my room. I always like to suss out the festival setup and environment when I arrive so I know the layout.

1:30pm: I have a meet-and-greet for 45 mins. This pretty much entails saying hello and getting photos with as many people as possible in 45 minutes! It’s super crazy but a lot of fun and I love meeting everyone that follows my musical journey.

2:30pm: We head back to the artist area for some much needed lunch! YUM! Festivals always have a pretty good spread and there are a million types of food to choose from.

3:00pm: My photographer and I jump onto a golf buggy and get driven to the Main Stage where I will be performing. I love to go and make sure I am familiar with the environment that I’m playing in before the show. Simply understanding the stage setup, tech environment, and the best places to get the most epic photographs means I feel so much more relaxed before my show! We get to the main stage and it’s pumping – I’m ready!

DJ 24:30pm: My show kick starts! The crowd is vibing and it’s an awesome day for it. I have so much fun Djing and performing to everyone – it’s definitely my favourite part of the job!

5:30pm: After the show, I grab some towels to cool down, skull a bottle of water to rehydrate, and head back to the artist liaison area. Heaps of my friends are the Djs and artists that I tour with so festivals like this are a great opportunity to hang out and catch up.

6:30pm: Time to head home! By the time I arrive home my gym is closed 🙁 Keeping fit and healthy on the road is super difficult especially when your schedule is flat out. So instead, I do some exercises in my room (something is always better than nothing)!

7:00pm: Dinner time with the family (yes, I still live at home), and then I hop onto my computer to finish some emails.

8:00pm: Daily phone call to my manager to report back on the day and plan for the weekend ahead. I fly out early tomorrow morning so while I’m on the phone I start packing my suitcase for tomorrow!

DJ Tigerlily was recently voted the #5 DJ in Australia (In The Mix top 50) for 2014 and #1 female DJ overall.

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6 comments on “A Day In The Life Of A DJ”

  1. Awesome post! This reminds me of a woman that came to my college and spoke about how she started a magazine for female drummers. I’m looking her up now…aha it’s called TomTom Magazine. I love seeing women in careers that are conventionally dominated by men.
    >> Sam (p.s. the website for that magazine is if you’re interested).

  2. What a great and insightful article and fantastic to see more women sharing their experiences DJs.
    Hotel room exercises are a great way to keep fit while on the road, and furniture makes great gym equipment! I’m currently blogging about my life as an international DJ, feel free to check out my experiences!

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