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Last month we got some great insight into what it’s like working in the not-for-profit space, with Marnee May explaining her job as Program Co-ordinator at the Life Changing Experiences Foundation. This month PR professional turned entrepreneur, Peta Shulman, is here to tell us all about her job – as the Founder & Director of GoodnessMe Box, a health food sampling service. They  surprise you with different health foods each month to help keep your body clean – they have over 50,000 followers on Instagram!

Here’s what a typical day in her life involves.

Day in the life of Peta Shulman6:30am Wake up and jump out of bed. I’m one of those people that resent the snooze button and my brain is on first thing in the morning. My usual routine is to go to pilates or weight classes first thing in the morning but today I have an e-commerce event for businesses in the health industry.

8:20am Arrive in the City. Catch up with some familiar faces while meeting a number of new people doing some remarkable work in the health space. Eat breakfast, listen to the speakers, ask some questions and I’m on my way back to the office in Bondi Junction.

10:00am It is a late start, emails have begun to pile up but events are always invaluable. You never know who you will meet or what you will learn. A quick catch up with the team. It is mid-week and we always like to assess how we are tracking.

10:30am Go through my emails and a quick glance through my newsletters tells me what is happening in the news, health and social media space today (I’m a big believer that context is key). Once my inbox is clean I contact a well-known health blogger with the opportunity to create the recipes for the latest GoodnessMe Box edition we are working on. She is excited to collaborate and we go over some recipe ideas.

11:30am Reply to a number of supplier emails. Send through materials and contracts along with a few phone calls. I much prefer a phone call to email any day. A quick call to our Nutritionist follows to check out a few products and let us know if they are suitable for the GoodnessMe Box and follow our criteria.

12:00pm The marketing manager asks if I can review the marketing reports we provide to suppliers so she can send them out. After a review we chat through ways we can provide the suppliers/brands with even more information to demonstrate the impact of the campaign and to maximise the product feedback from our engaged customers.

12:45pm Lunch. I bring lunch to work, chicken and stir-fry veg with brown rice. We have a policy in the office to ‘eat mindfully’. This means no eating at your computer, chewing your food slowly and concentrating on enjoying your meal. I stop what I’m doing, sit at the communal table and have a chat with the team. It is easy to get caught up with the workload. I find this gives my brain time to refresh and it is an opportunity to connect with the team… Delivery arrives! Surprise package from the post man with some new products on the market! The team gathers round to trial and oo and ahh!

1:15pm We have a meeting with our web developers at 3:00pm so a few of us sit together and go over what items we want to address at the meeting. We are constantly developing the website to make it better and improve our services. The opportunities are endless.

GoodnessMe Box2:00pm I review and approve a few design materials. We are working on some materials for our first local community event. A quick check of any new emails that have come through.

2:35pm Jump in a cab. Meeting with our web developers. Walk out with some great ideas and excited for plans to roll out.

4:00pm Back in the office. Check emails again. Phone meeting regarding a partnership for an upcoming event.

4:35pm Sit with the marketing manager and marketing assistant and review the monthly marketing schedule. We get approached regularly for partnership opportunities and identify which ones we can commit to and those that will provide our subscribers and suppliers the most value. It is important we keep our subscribers and suppliers front of mind at all times. What are their needs, what will they value?

5:00pm Review our reporting for the day along with our social media sites. I keep a close eye on the comments and communication taking place. This is our best way to reach our community and their feedback is critical to the business.

5:30pm Go through emails again to clean out my inbox before the evening. Once complete I quickly bash out the note I write each month for the GoodnessMe Box. I write my best when I do it quickly and will send it to the team to review in the morning.

7:00pm Pilates class time! I’m lucky enough that the studio is on the first level of the building which makes it super easy.

8:15pm Home and call my partner. He is still at work and will be caught up until midnight which means dinner for one tonight. Wild caught salmon in the oven, steam broccoli, left over sweet potato and toss together a quick salad. I pack my bag ready for the gym tomorrow morning. Exercise keeps my brain wired for the day ahead. I unwind with some cacao chilli herbal tea, a quick scan of Instagram as our community are most active in the evening, before its time to switch off and curl up in bed with my book.

It must come from my PR background but I love the adrenaline of working against the clock, fitting in a hundred tasks into the day, constantly reassessing plans with the team and deciding to switch it up if we think there is a better way. Nothing is ever set in stone and we are lucky, we are nimble and have such an engaged community that it is easy for us to get a feeling for what is and isn’t working. Tomorrow will bring a completely new and exciting day but for now, sleep is a priority so I can function at my best.

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Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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