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Last month we heard all about a job in fashion design! This month Hope Skinner is telling us about her job – juggling being a nanny, managing her business NANNY SHE CAN DO and how she’s organising a major event, The Australian Nanny Conference (which I’m speaking at!). Here’s what a typical day from her life involves…

Hope headshot-15:30am I haul myself out of bed after not much sleep and rustle around in the dark trying to find my gym clothes. I jump in the car and race down to the gym and do a quick circuit workout. By the time I’m done I’m feeling pumped!

7:00am I head to my local cafe to pick up my regular coffee. I check in with any urgent emails and open up social media to see what’s going on.It’s only a 5 minute walk to work so I pop up an image to Facebook and Instagram and send out a quick tweet to the @NannyShecando and @ausnannyconf community.

7:30am I let myself into work as everyone is busy with the morning preparations and am greeted by a cuddly 18 month old wearing too-big Thomas the Tank engine pyjamas and scooting around on his favourite “new” hand-me-down pink motorbike.

7:45am Boss Mum (my nanny kids mum) and I quickly chat about the day’s plans and we wave her off to work. The kids and I sit down to breakfast and I try in vain to convince Mr 18 months that his sultana bran would be so much better in his hungry tummy than on the floor.

8:00am I run through the older girls homework and practice Miss 5’s kindergarten words. I’m interrupted by Mr 18 months who wants to sit on my lap and read Where Is The Green Sheep.

8:20am I pop a load of the kids washing on and make a list of grocery items needed for dinner and break up an argument about who had the fairy wand first. I don’t know but it’s mine now!

8:30am I load up the pram and hustle the kids out the door, school bags and nanny bags at risk of tipping the pram over. The four of us make our way to school, whilst answering the endless questions from the kids. Miss 5 wants to know why I wear the same shoes everyday, I tell her they’re my favourite. She says, hers are better. True, they do have sparkles.

9:00am Freedom! We’ve kissed and said goodbye to the girls so the little man and I dash over to our favourite cafe. By this time I’m starving and ready for a moment of quiet. I order a green smoothie and a muesli muffin and settle down to join the little man playing with the toys in the courtyard. He ends up munching on most of my muffin but thankfully his face screws up after trying my green smoothie so I get to enjoy it all to myself.

9.45am More fun and games – we meet up with some friends for a playdate at the playground. The two littlies play with matchbox cars and race down the slide whilst I enjoy a haphazard, often interrupted, adult conversation.

11:00am I pop into the shops to pick up groceries, take a business phone call, and run to OfficeWorks to pick up conference supplies. I’m paid and out the door when I remember I needed to pick up an art diary for the kids so I head back in, trying not to side swipe the tempting display of candy in my stressed state.

11:30am We do lunch out on the verandah and chat away to each other, pointing at birds and planes and squealing at ants. My iPhone is beeping continously, but our lunch dates are too good to miss. Mr 18 months pulls over the box of blocks so we build a giant, oddly shaped tower.

12noon The little Mr is down for a nap after reading Dear Zoo multiple times and a cheeky game of peekaboo. I pop the kettle on, get dinner happening, do another load of laundry, run around putting toys away, make a cup of tea, re-organise the craft table, make the kids beds, find Miss 7’s missing library book, wipe slobbery finger marks from the oven door, re-heat my forgotten tea in the microwave, make some more phone calls for the conference, liaise with the repairman on behalf of Mum Boss, organise a play date for Miss 7 afterschool, and gather Miss 5’s ballet things.

girl in a wreath on the head1:15pm Exhausted is an understatement. I finally sit down with some lunch and pull out my laptop and iPad to check back in with ANC and NSCD work. I send off a bunch of emails, publish a blog post to NSCD, frantically finish an article on deadline for Care Academy, put out another post on Instagram and Facebook and attempt to keep things on track for the upcoming Australian nanny conference.

2:00pm Bugger – I hear giggles from the nursery so that’s the end of break time. We laze around enjoying sleepy “just woke up” cuddles and have a snack.

3:00pm School pick up time. I’m hot and sweaty after running with the pram to school, having left too late to arrive in time to get a decent car park.

3:30pm We’ve offloaded the eldest at a playdate and Miss 5 has fluttered off to ballet amidst a fog of hairspray and pink glittery tutus.

5:15pm It’s dinner time madness, and I’m running on empty. Mr 18 months is hungry and losing his cool. Miss 5 has decided she doesn’t like brown rice, or peas, corn, carrots, chicken, water, milk, cheese, or anything on her plate. Miss 7 has suddenly developed selective hearing and has failed to show at the dinner table. I battle on through.

5:45pm I juggle homework and school readers, re-tidy the toys again, and make school lunches. Mr 18 months is sulking and clinging to my leg so I pull out a container of rice and hand him a wooden spoon to bash it with. It’s noisy but worth it.

6:15pm Boss Mums arrives home whilst we’re doing bath time and we attempt to debrief in between interruptions and sibling disputes.

6:30pm Home time! I let myself out whilst Boss Mum puts little man to bed. I sigh and take a moment just to stand still and regather – wow, busy day. I scour Pinterest for dinner ideas on the way home and go via the shops to get dinner things. I arrive home to my partner who declares he’s “starving” and “what’s for dinner?”

8:30pm Wine or tea, that is the question! I’m at my makeshift desk at the dining table with trashy tv on Foxtel in the background, attempting to attend to all of the admin that came through in the last few hours and attack my out of control to-do list.

9:30pm Conference call with the U.K; we discuss their social media strategy and general business development for the month.

10:00pm Final check in with social media for the day. I’m falling asleep on the couch and eating way too much chocolate!

10:30pm I head off to bed, vowing to never have such a busy day ever again, only to get up and press the replay button; but deep down, I love it!

On the two days per week that I’m not nannying, I’m working on Hope For Nannies and NANNY SHECANDO. I meet with coaching clients to discuss their nanny careers, I develop and publish free resources on the blog to support and promote the international nanny community, and I juggle logistics, speaker details, and sponsors to organise the first ever Australian Nanny Conference.

Want to feature in ‘Day In The Life’ or have someone else to put forward? Please email the laura @ work her dot com or fill out the submission form.

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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