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After hearing all about a day in the life of an entrepreneurial nanny last month, this time 24 year old Marnee May is here to tell us about her job as Program Co-ordinator at the Life Changing Experiences Foundation.

Marnee helps organise the yearlong mentoring program for disadvantaged teenage girls, SISTER2sister. They pair a Little Sister with a Big Sister as a mentor and positive female role model to provide support, guidance and advice.

After hitting the snooze button about 10 times, I’m generally up and getting ready for the day by7:30am. I used to like getting up and doing some exercise down at the beach before work.. but its winter now and my body says No!
So I’ll try and do a quick healthy brekkie (most important meal of the day) before hopping in the car and heading into the office.

I grab a takeaway coffee from the my favourite little coffee shop (and the cute coffee guys) as I head up to our SISTER2sister Office. I love coming into the office, I always think it looks like a glitter butterfly exploded in there. We have some beautiful and inspiring artworks done by our SISTER2sister girls hanging around which creates a great environment to work in and a positive place to start the day.

Sister2siter Office

Sister2sister founder Jess Brown, with Marnee working in the background, at the office.

I generally start by checking and replying to emails that I have waiting for me. These will most likely be in regards to bookings I’ve made for our SISTER2sister activities, or from Big sister mentors and team members asking questions and advice for their little sisters mentees. As the SISTER2sister Program Coordinator, it’s my role to make sure all aspects of our events including the activities, venues and presenters are locked in and I’ve communicated all the details to our group of Big and Little Sisters, volunteer team and staff each month.

The great thing about my job is that every day is very different, and can change very unexpectedly at a drop of a hat. Some days we have a full office of staff and volunteers and other days I might have part of the day all to myself. Myself and the lovely ladies I work with are all great friends outside of the office also, so it’s nice to have people who you care about working alongside you each day.

SISTER2sister is a youth mentoring program for ‘at risk’ teenage girls. Unfortunately a lot of the girls we work with live with a lot of disadvantage, mental illness and abuse and neglect. This means as much as we love to have a great time in the office every day, we are also surrounded by some pretty heavy situations. We work hands on with the girls to make sure we have offered as much added support possible, and make sure they are safe and cared for.

Everyone in the SISTER2sister office loves a good lunch. We try to mix up what we have each day, but can generally be found at our favourite café around the corner that do the most amazing fresh food.

Girl holding hands on the beachAfternoon
My afternoons will then be filled up with anything from meetings, making sure Little sisters have travel arrangements for the outings, and helping Little Sisters with school/tutoring work or just general catch ups. Otherwise I may be preparing financial reports and writing board minutes for our Board of Directors.

As a Not for Profit Organisation my role covers all different areas such as financial, Events, fundraising and general office duties on top of my Program coordinator role. It keeps me very busy.

The best part of my role is definitely working directly with our Big and Little Sister mentors. They come to us for help, but I find myself continually  inspired by their resilience and will to make a positive change in their lives.

Home time
I normally try to get out of the office by 5:30pm. I’ll either head straight home or to yoga class to help clear my mind and have some time for myself after a day in the office or I’m off to my boyfriend’s house for a nice relaxed dinner and probably an episode of whatever TV series we are watching at the moment. Then it’s off to bed so I can wake up and do it all again, probably in a slightly different order the next day.

Marnee was a finalist in last year’s “Pride of Australia Young Leader Medal” for her work at Life Changing Experiences Foundation.

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