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10814138_10152856281904800_1627186277_nHow busy is it actually being a school teacher? Does it take a lot from your own time? How much patience does it require?!

This month we are hearing from my lovely sister, Emma Douglas, who teaches the little ones (aka five year olds) in Auckland.

Here is a snapshot of a typical day from her life as a primary school teacher:

7.00am Buzz! My alarm goes off, I get ready for my day, pack my lunch and head out the door by 7:50am.
8am I arrive at school, let myself into my classroom and get setup for the day with any last minute worksheets and check emails.
8:25am The bell goes and my students are now allowed to come into the classroom. I sit with them to practice writing their spelling words and chat to parents.
8:50am The bell goes to officially start the school day. Students come to the mat and we do the roll, calendar, sort any notices and lunch orders and share news.
9:15am Maths time! I work with a different maths group each day focusing mainly on number knowledge, pattern or time.
10am Time for some fitness- generally something outdoors if weather permits, otherwise dancing inside the classroom.
10:15am Now we transition into writing. We write daily on different topics in our writing books and on Fridays we do publishing so our writing can be displayed on the classroom wall. I move around the classroom helping students with their work.
10:40am I start marking writing pieces as students finish their work.
11:00am Morning-tea time! Time for the kids to run around on the playground and time for me to get some coffee! It’s quite nice having a ‘forced’ break. Sometimes I will sort things in the classroom, mark work, take netball practice or supervise a club.
11:30am Morning-tea finishes and student’s come in and finish their writing and I continue marking. Once students have finished their work and it has been marked, they can have some choosing time. I teach five year olds so it is important to allow them to have some ‘down time’ over the course of the school day.
Books12noon Time for guided reading. The class is split into four reading groups based on their ability and I read with each group everyday for about 15 minutes. The other groups complete worksheets, have computer time or complete a reading activity. Students always take their reading book home so they can practice with their family.
1pm Lunchtime! The children eat lunch and then have another run around and play on the playground. I always head to the staff-room with the other teachers and then I head back to the classroom to check emails, collect any printing etc. I think it is really important to go into the staff room so you have a chance to catch up with everyone, find out anything new that is happening and have a chance to socialise with the staff.
1:40pm Lunch finishes and students come inside for silent reading.
1:55pm I read the class a couple of story books and we answer questions about the text.
2:10pm: The afternoon varies sometimes we have singing with the other Year One’s, do an art activity, go outside for P.E, work on our environmental science project, or on a Friday we have assembly. The afternoon generally goes pretty fast and before you know it, its time to pack up.
2:45pm Students tidy up the classroom, take home any notices, get their school bags already and come to the mat for some singing or sharing of the day.
3pm Home time (for the students)! Now is the time where I do my planning, write any reports, answer parent emails or go to staff meetings.
4:30-5pm Home-time for me! One thing I really love about teaching is that the hours are really flexible, so if we there are no staff meetings after school and if I need to head away early for an appointment, I can. Most days I stay till about 4:30-5pm. I try to be really efficient with my time, which means I can leave earlier.

Have you got what it takes to be a school teacher? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Or if you have any questions for Emma about working as a teacher, please sing out!

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6 comments on “A Day In The Life Of A Primary School Teacher”

  1. Great article Emma! It’s interesting to see what a day in the life of a teacher is like. I have even more respect for you after reading that! You are sculpting the next generation! x
    Ps. Thanks for publishing this, Laura.

  2. I seriously LOVE that at 10am they have a wee break and so some fitness. So incredibly good for the kids to jump up and have a dance around and get the creative juices flowing again. Thanks for the insight, lovely interview!

    • Thanks Hope!! It’s a great idea isn’t it 🙂 I’m obviously bias as Emma is my sister but I think she’s the most amazing teacher!

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