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So what does ad-land really look like? We’re taking you behind the scenes of creative advertising organisation, HBT Agency, who have a modern, light and bright office space. They recently converted the old textile warehouse and moved in after renovations finished in March 2014. Here’s what it looks like now…

HBT oversized dining tableSheridan Devereux, Account Director at HBT Agency, said, “The office is located in Cremorne, an area in Melbourne that’s just bursting with creative energy right now. We were really attracted to the area and so, we managed to task ourselves with designing and renovating the interior of a former textiles factory. When we moved in, there were still old sewing stations set up with a linoleum floor and partitioned walls. Whilst we loved the history and the charm of the former warehouse, we knew we needed to make some major structural changes so that it was more conducive to the creative space we needed.”

HBT Agency windows“Whilst paying homage to the original factory walls, roof trusses and windows, we decided to keep everything else relatively modern and monochromatic – but with a pop of colour. What that token colour would be was heavily debated. Our branding and theming in our previous offices had been a bold red. We decided to use the move to Cremorne and our new space as an opportunity to rebrand and eventually settled on blue as our feature colour. This is represented in our wall mural by Melbourne artist Lucas Grogan,” she said.

HBT Agency breakout areas“The layout perfectly expresses our team culture. It’s open plan structure makes everyone accessible and there isn’t a real hierarchical structure to the space. What’s great is that everybody was involved in the design of the renovation which really speaks to and highlights our collaborative creativity.”

HBT Board Room“As a creative agency, it’s really important to stay stimulated and inspired. This office has really given us that and we love that once our clients or guests come up the stairs, they are wowed by the mural and the energy that comes with it. It’s hard not to be creative in such a stylish and collaborative space.”

HBT Mural“Moving to our Cremorne office is indicative of our journey as a business. We just turned 18 which is fantastic, and since our first office in Windsor, we have moved to South Melbourne, and then to South Yarra before finding a home here which truly expresses what we’re all about – and accommodates for a growing team. We moved here having just expanded our digital offering and that can be seen in the design of the place also. In fact, we are currently rejigging the layout to accommodate for new talent as we have several job openings.”

HBT Agency open plan

Photos courtesy of HBT Agency.

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