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Dorm RoomMoving into your dorm is an exciting time. You’re out of home and into your own space. Now to the important stuff… How are you going to decorate it!?

Here are are some tips to think about when looking for ways to decorate your dorm room:

Choose a colour theme. Pick two-three of your favourite colours, or colours that you think look good together and combine them. I personally love purple, black and grey. This is your chance to do things all in your own taste!

Be respectful. As thrilling as it is to have your own new space to decorate, remember that you don’t own it – you are a visitor. So don’t go too nuts painting!

Do it yourself. Think about doing some DIY and make things on your own. In my dorm first year, I had a quote wall; it was filled with quotes, scriptures, words of wisdom and memories. Heck, I still have one in my apartment. I love the look and it adds some flavour to the room. Pinterest is great to turn to for inspiration.

A little can go a long way. Not every wall has to be filled from floorboard to roof with something. Simplistic is beautiful too. I have one wall in my room that is empty. Sometimes we get so excited about decorating that we can add too much and it makes the room look cluttered, so a bare wall or two is always okay.

Vintage flair. Love to put your own spin on things and show off your style that no one else has? Then vintage is for you. Look through your parents or grandparents closest, attics, and basements you might just find something you love.

Have fun. Decorating can be time consuming and messy but you can turn it into a good time, especially if you are doing it with someone else. If you are good friends with your roommate then do it together. Two minds are better than one.

How are you going to decorate your dorm room? Please share your thoughts below.

Recent graduate from Arizona state university (May 2015), I studied communication, Dance, & Brazilian studies. I have a heart for God, travelling, people, & Dance with an imagination full of creativity that is waiting to burst! I hope to own a nonprofit organization, and become a human rights activist!

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