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Female legs and laptop with headphonesWelcome to The Workher’s new Student Life section, where we’ll be covering all the latest tips, tricks & trends for yep you guessed it – Students! 

Summer is over and school is in session, where did the time go? Last thing I remember was throwing all my assignments in the air because classes were over – but now they’ve started again!

Whether you’re launching into university for the first time or returning as a post-grad, there are some great initiatives we can all implement to kick the year off strong.

Tip 1: Enjoy Your Free Days. Make sure you have all the fun you can the last day or two before classes start. It is a great way to go into the new school year knowing that you had a great holiday and you got all the excitement of summer out of your system.

Tip 2: Stay Positive. Speak positively about the school year ahead. If you go into it thinking that this year will be stressful that is exactly how the year will go. Instead, wake up every morning telling yourself how powerful you are and make sure you believe it. No one can cause you to have a bad day; it is all your perception.

Tip 3: Know All Your Deadlines. Write all your assignments and test dates down in a planner, on your phone, and/or a laptop. Make sure you put theses important dates in a place that you will be constantly checking – such as sticking your planner to your wardrobe door!

Tip 4: Plan Ahead. Speaking of deadlines, this year why don’t you try and have everything finished ahead of their due dates? That way you get more time for editing your work to perfection and the ability to give yourself more down in between activities.

Tip 5: Put Yourself First. You need to take care of yourself. Listen to your body, when it is begging you to relax, then relax. When stressed, take a moment to be with your thoughts or talk to a friend about it, perhaps join a yoga class? Whatever you do, make sure you are giving yourself plenty of breaks and “me time”.

Tip 6: Make Memories. Make the best of student life now! Have all the fun you can, travel everywhere, and above all love yourself. If you love yourself, you’re more likely to enjoy your time and to do everything to the best of your abilities.

These I believe are the most important tips that can help in your student success and make sure you are ready for the school year ahead – and every year to come! Good luck!

What do you do to prepare for the school year? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or on social media!

Recent graduate from Arizona state university (May 2015), I studied communication, Dance, & Brazilian studies. I have a heart for God, travelling, people, & Dance with an imagination full of creativity that is waiting to burst! I hope to own a nonprofit organization, and become a human rights activist!

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      Hopefull it’s helping you to navigate your first few years of full time work 🙂
      I hope that job of yours is going well!!

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