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I want to start this post off with a note of apology. I’m sorry I haven’t been very active with posts or on social media lately. However, I do have somewhat of a reasonable excuse, albeit a boring one… Life has just been so busy.

What have I been up to the past month or so you ask..?

Well to start off I have some exciting news! I’ve moved countries back to my hometown Auckland in New Zealand. I loved my stint in Sydney but it felt like the right time to head back. So after resigning my job, packing up all my belongings and saying goodbye to everyone in Sydney, I’m back in Auckland and loving it so far.

Following the move I also started a new job at a big company. I’ve had two weeks there and it’s all very exciting, shiny and new. And yes you should expect lots of new tips for staring a job coming your way! I have inspiration pouring out of my ears.

On top of all this I’ve also been in the midst of wedding plans. It’s all coming together but there has certainly been a lot to do. All good fun though I must admit.

Now that I’m settling in, I will have more time for this amazing community of young professional women and students.

If there are any topics you want to see covered on The Workher please sing out.

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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