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This post has been updated thanks to the many suggestions in the comments!

Ever been dressed in your casual attire and had a meeting crop up unexpectedly? Or have you ripped your stockings at work? Or been stuck with a headache and nothing to cure it? I hate the feeling of being caught out like that! Over time I’ve found there are some key items I like to keep at my desk, which I wanted to share with you.

Aside from the usual notebook, post-it notes and pens, the stash of essentials I like to keep on hand, include:

  • Makeup – I keep a spare foundation, bronzer, lip gloss, lip balm and mascara, with a little pocket mirror, for touch ups or in case I have to go to an event unexpectedly.
  • Hand cream to stop that oh-so-dry feeling from the air con.
  • High heels – I always have a brown pair and a black pair sitting under my desk, as I often wear flats to work and find I need heels during the day.
  • Perfume – the small tester-like bottles are great to keep at work, otherwise I wait until my bottle is low and I transfer it to the office.
  • Deodorant – duh!
  • Snacks – I keep a box of muesli bars in my draws along with 2minute noodles and a tin of tuna, just in case I ever forget my lunch or don’t have time to go out and grab it.
  • Mints – of course!
  • Black skirt – just in case I’m not dressed smartly enough for an unexpected meeting.
  • Stockings – I once accidentally ripped my stockings when I was working an event at Parliament House (embarrassing right?)! I had to take them off, which didn’t matter but it freaked me out that I might tear a ladder at work so I like to keep a spare pair nearby…
  • Comfy cardigan to keep you warm from the overly air conditioned office.
  • Band aids – for the occasional blister.
  • Panadol – headaches at work are the worst!
  • Hand sanitizer. Good for yourself plus it can double as a desk cleaner.
  • Throat lozenges – if I feel I’m getting sick, they’re great to have on hand.
  • Pocket tissues
  • Girly products – tampons etc
  • Nail file – I hate the feeling of a rough broken nail for the day!
  • Plastic bags – in case I have to carry things home that night and there’s no room in my handbag.
  • iPh charger
  • Spare change – I have a little box where I keep all my coins. So handy for coffees!

What are the essentials you keep at your desk? Leave a comment below x

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

12 comments on “Must Haves For Your Desk”

  1. I think hand cream is an essential in the office! The air con drys out you hand terribly and it is never nice to shake a clients hand with they feel rough!

  2. Great list – I have all of your items at my desk haha! A couple of other things are: 1) hand sanitiser – this is good for cleaning hands but I also use it to wipe down my desk / keyboard, 2) Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula – for those stressful days when you need a bit of extra support 😉 3) Hair elastics – I hate when my hair is all in my face while I work.

  3. I have so many beauty products at my desk, I wrote an entire post on it once. I also have snacks, herbal teas, sugar free vanilla syrup for coffee, panadol & ibuprofen, phone charger, spare glasses – my last prescription, so not perfect but better than nothing if I’ve left mine at home, a cardigan in case it gets cold…and even more, i’m sure. Stockings is a good tip!

    • Haha oh I try not to keep that on hand otherwise I just eat it! My last ’emergency’ lollies only lasted the arvo… 😛

  4. all great ideas & aside from the skirt I keep them all at work. I also have a few pairs of heels under my desk – just in case. The trouble is, I am now the go to gal whenever anyone needs a tampon or panadol in my office. The perils of being organised 🙂

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