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You don’t have to be the most intelligent girl in your office to get to the top. But you do need to apply yourself 110%. So what can you do to get ahead, to work your way up the ladder?

Here are my top suggestions for standing out at work:

1. Ask questions in the best possible way
When you need to ask a question at a work, no matter how big or small, think of a solution first. Ask yourself, if I was here at work on my own, how would I handle this situation? Ask your question but offer possible solutions with an explanation of your reasoning.

2. Make your efforts known but don’t brag
I think it’s important to strike a balance between making your results known and being humble. It’s normal to want credit for your work but be careful to not sing your results from the rooftop too loudly, it can be a bit off-putting for those around you. Instead be gracious.

3. Make yourself indispensable
Be really good at one key thing and be known for it. That way people can come to you for advice and you become a bit of a ‘guru’ on something – you can show how helpful you are. It could be something as small as knowing how to use Excel really well and helping people to make their graphs or filter their data.

4. Exceed expectations
Every now and then, when you can, do a bit extra – do that little bit more and it will get noticed.

5. Be proactive
Volunteer, put your hand up and do your best. Showing initiative can go a long way at work and can really set you a part.

6. Be confident
Confidence is key. Not necessarily being outwardly confident, but have confidence in yourself, especially with completing tasks that are potentially unfamiliar to you. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: BACK YOURSELF!

7. Be helpful & take on responsibility
Take time out to help people with their work and responsibilities – it’s a stepping stone to management. I don’t just mean be helpful with things that are outside of your “role” but I mean be helpful with things that are even outside of your expertise and skill-set. Don’t say no just because your busy, but instead assist with doing research and coming up with a solution. It also gives you the opportunity to learn something new – to add another string to your bow.

8. Work hard
And then work harder. It sounds obvious but if you give it your all and push yourself, you’ll fly.

I hope these tips help! What do you do to stand out? Please share your thoughts below x

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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