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Our first event was pretty epic! After selling out and getting over 20 girl bosses together in Auckland, the careers chat was flowing. From getting the pay rise to negotiation tips and why we shouldn’t say sorry all the time, there was a lot of advice and support firing around the room. All whilst sipping on tea and enjoying delicate sweet treats and scones.

The thing I loved most was that each person had a totally different background to the next. There was a town planner, a journalist, a social media guru, a teacher and someone from the oil & gas industry. The list goes on. But we all had one thing in common – we want to get ahead in our careers.

The main topic of the day had to be women supporting women. And what better day to do so than after the Women’s March? We had people turning up straight off Queen Street where they’d been marching for women rights and equality.

Key Takeouts from the High Tea:

  • We talked about why it’s important to speak up in the workplace. If you think you’re not getting paid enough, say so! Get prepared to negotiate and take lots of examples with you.
  • Be happy for other women who successfully secure a pay-rise. They are helping to reduce the stats around the gender pay gap. Let’s celebrate that!
  • Cut out the fluff-words and be concise. Avoid using the word “just” in all comms! It’s totally not needed.
  • The benefits of having a mentor. We all agreed we need to utilise LinkedIn more and reach out to women in business that we look up to and ask to go for coffee.
  • Make yourself stand out in the workplace by saying yes to opportunities, even if it scares you. Put your hand up, volunteer and be proactive.
  • Back yourself!!
  • Set goals and check in on them regularly. Put reminders in your diary, alerting  you each month to look at your goals. Otherwise it can be too easy to forget.
  • One great way to find career inspo and ideas is to do some researching into the cultures of big brands, such as Netflix Culture.

We are planning on holding more Workher events in Auckland. If you wanna be the first to find out about ’em, join our new Facebook group, Workhers Auckland. It’s a safe space for sharing career stories and tips with like minded girl bosses!

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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    • So pleased you came Jane. You made some really valid points and were so great at contributing to the careers chat x

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