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Ah, working from home – the dream come true! Until you’ve actually done it, at least. As soon as you say “I work from home” to your friends they tend to look at you with envy. They imagine you chilling back on the couch in your pyjamas, occasionally typing something with one hand while the other one is stuck in a bowl of chips, taking breaks whenever you want to, and generally just enjoying life. While there are some pretty awesome benefits to telecommuting, in truth, it requires certain organisational skills and self-policing if you don’t want to end up becoming lazy, unfocused, and have a number of health issues to plague you. Interested in how to stay healthy and make the best of telecommuting? We’ve got a few tips.

Determine your working hours

Just because you’re home doesn’t have to mean you’re at work. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be available 24/7 if you don’t want people to abuse that fact. Telecommuting is also tricky to handle because you don’t have a manager who will direct you and help you stay productive, so a task that could have taken a few hours will end up stretching through the whole day if you aren’t careful. Limiting yourself to a certain timeline and setting up an actual schedule is important because it pushes you to work and get things done in a timely manner. Determine your working hours and stick to them every day to avoid becoming lazy and missing deadlines.

Set up an office corner

It can be a separate room, or it can be a specific chair, or any corner of your home. Make sure it’s quiet and devoid of distractions and have some writing utensils, notebooks, and your laptop ready. Use this as your office and you’ll train your brain to get into the “work mode” each time you sit there. While you’re there, treat it the same as you would an actual office – no checking social media, no TV, no distractions of any kind. This will also help you stay focused and productive.

Exercise is your best friend

The sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on your spine and make you gain weight quickly, especially since you don’t even have to travel to and from work. Exercising is particularly important for telecommuters if they want to stay in shape, so we recommend daily workouts. You can get a gym membership or do it all from home if you prefer. Use online fitness workouts to figure out a suitable routine and exercise for 30 minutes each day.

Give your immune system a boost

Eating well and looking after yourself is also important if you want to stay healthy. People who work from home or have desk jobs report a higher number of joint-related diseases, so we recommend anti-inflammatory foods and some people like supplements, which can help reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Consider drinking lemon water each morning that will give you a dose of energy and vitamins to help you kickstart your day.

Hang out with your buddies

You can’t even imagine how much colleagues can contribute to feeling good at work until you’ve had to work without them. Humans are social animals and they need to be surrounded by other people to avoid feeling lonely and depressed. Since after-work drinks, chatting during the break, and similar things aren’t available to you, you’ve got to make sure you meet up with your friends at least once or twice a week. Spend time with people, go out to parties, be social – it will be good for your mental health.

Telecommuting really can be amazing, but in order to make it work, you mustn’t forget that it’s still a job, and that it needs to be treated like one. Simply stick to a schedule, finish your work on time, and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. You’ve got this.

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