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At The Workher we obvs love supporting women and what better way to do so than today, Girl Gang Appreciation Day?

Women need to be there for other women. Fact. If we all band together and help one another, surely we’re going to address those icky gender issues in the workplace. Strength in numbers, right?

So if you wanna do your bit, here’s how.

1. Celebrate your mates & colleagues successes. Whether it’s a pay-rise, landing a new deal or they’ve nailed a presentation, let’s make sure we enjoy it – together! Make them feel good about it, pop open the bubbles and celebrate the wins.

2. Talk about salary with your girl gang. You don’t have to reveal your pay packet (that sh** is personal) but help prepare each other for those negotiation conversations. If we don’t talk about it, it’s all swept under the rug. Share your goals with each other, talk about how you’re going to get ahead. Be open and help one another.

3. Negotiate your pay this year. PLEASE. I urge you, don’t just take what you’re given. Ask for what you deserve. And get your friends to do this too. Let’s close the gender pay gap once and for all!

4. Have fun with your girl gang. I’ve got multiple message threads on Facebook for different groups. My fav are my girl work chat, where a group of us send out a message so we can have lunch together, ask questions and check in. Another is where we try do a fun activity each month, whether it’s checking out the new gin bar or heading to the night noodle markets. It’s important to stay in touch and make heapsa time for your gal-pals.

5. Join other like minded girl gangs. You can come be a part of The Workher love on Facebook and Instagram. Plus, we have the Workhers Auckland community – a girl gang of professional millennials. If you’re a local, come stop by! We share issues, questions and inspo, plus the group is the first to know about Workher Events. You could look up other nearby groups too, such as Lean In circles and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let’s all do our part to create change. If we sit back, nothing is gonna happen. Instead, if we all chip in bit by bit, it will make a difference.

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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