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How to care for your pet in the workplacePets in the office can be a lot of fun – as I’ve recently experienced with Elsa The Puppy joining my day-job – but with it comes a lot of responsibility. We are all so busy at work, we’ve gotta make sure that we’re juggling caring for the animal properly with our busy schedules but still prioritizing the paid-for duties.

To help with this, CEO and Founder of ZuGo Pet, Juls Bindi, shares her top tips for caring for pets in the workplace:

Make it Familiar: “A workplace can be an anxious environment for your pet. Make it more “homey” by bringing your pet’s favourite snack, blanket, carrier or toy to make them more comfortable,” she said.

Keep Their Needs in Mind: “Just because they’re potty trained doesn’t mean they won’t have an accident. Always be prepared to take your pet out on a scheduled break. This way they will get in a holding routine and soon be able to remind you when their break is.”

Food & Water are Essential: “A hungry or thirsty pet can be a distraction in the workplace. To keep your dog in line, bring along plenty of food and water.”

Be the Boss: “Experts say that in unfamiliar environs (like your office) your pet is even more prone to challenge your authority. The key is to ensure that your pet knows you are the leader. Some key ways to accomplish that are to ignore any requests for attention from the pet, keeping eye contact to a minimum. When your pet tires of trying to get your attention, call him back for a little play session.”

Your Pet is Not a Night Owl: “If you work late, know that your pet may get antsy. Some experts advise that most pets aren’t the sunrise-to-sundown type-A personalities that personify some workplaces. If you bring your pet to work, keep regular hours. If it’s crunch time at the office, leave your pet at home.”

Keep ‘Em Well-Groomed: “Groom your animal before bringing it to work to prevent allergic reactions. All it takes is one complaint from an allergy-ridden co-worker to cause a problem!”

Your Pet Means Your Responsibility: “Don’t make other employees – like interns – tend to your pet. To avoid something happening while your dog is on a walk, don’t make it someone else’s responsibility to leave their work duties to tend to your pet’s potty schedule. It is your pet and it is your responsibility,” said Juls.

You can find out more on ZuGo Pets over at their Kickstarter campaign.

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