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Tips for organising your home officeI’m moving into a new pad soon (more on that later) and I’ve been day-dreaming about how I’m going to organise my new home office! Finally – no more setting up on the dining room table. This gal has got a spare bedroom, aka new study, to arrange.

In preparation, here is how I’m organising my home office.

To keep on the desk:

  • Tray labelled ‘To Organise’ (for loose papers that need filing, mail etc.)
  • Penholder
  • 1 x notebook
  • To do list and notepad
  • Stationery (calculator, cello tape etc.) (or put in a draw)
  • Magazine holder (for below envelope folders)
  • Lamp (I have my eye on Typo’s rose gold industrial light)
  • Clock (I might need a matching rose gold one)
  • Flowers in a vase for decoration

To store in boxes: (with appropriate labels)

  • Technology (cables, plugs etc.)
  • Craft Supplies (stickers, string etc.)
  • Gift Goods (ribbons, wrapping paper etc.)
  • Sewing (buttons from clothes etc.)
  • Memories (birthday cards, invites etc.)
  • Travel items (passports, travel wallet, spare foreign coins etc.)


  • Large envelope folder: Blog (any print-outs, receipts etc.)
  • Large envelope folder: Work (contracts, forms etc.)
  • Ring binder folder: Personal (banking, medical, house, bills, certificates)

Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing more about my home office journey as I go…

How do you like to organise your workspace?

Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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