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I love me some good stationery. Having a refreshing and good looking workspace is a great way to help keep you motivated and inspired at work. Tailor your environment to suit you and you’ll want to spend more time there cos #workspacegoals!

I have an addiction to mint green and gold, so let’s run with that. Here are my top picks to help pretty up your desk situation.

Etsy Mint Pencils

Mint pencils for $2.99 from PaperBerryPress on Etsy. I don’t really use pencils that much but these are too pretty not to!

Tape Dispenser

Typo’s tape dispenser $23.99. I always surprise myself when I need tape but it seems to happen on the regular.


Typo’s stapler $23.99. Daily requirement. This one will get a lotta use.

Eiffel Scissors

Typo’s Eiffel scissors $14.13. So pretty. Just make sure you label them with your name so they don’t get pinched!

Esty Mint Gold Mousepad

A cute mousepad is a must. This one is $14.16 on Etsy.

Pencil holder

Pencil holder to match the other items. This one’s $24.90 from Kikki K.

Hole Punch

Why not get the hole puncher too? $39.90 from Kikki K.

Desk Tray

Gold wire rack $22.90 from Kikki K to keep things filed systematically.

Magazine holder

Plus Kikki K’s magazine holder for $49.90 for storing larger files.


2017 diary to help keep you organised! $34.90 from Kikki K.

Kikki K Manilla folders

Gold manilla folders for $22.99 from Kikki K to hold all of your papers.

Casetify iPh Case

To top it all off what about an iPhone case to match? This mint polka dot one is $40 from Casetify.


Laura is the Founder & Editor of The Workher. She is an award winning Public Relations professional, who loves blogging about surviving and thriving in the workplace as a young woman.

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